Saturday, September 28, 2013

365 Comics...266: Powerpuff Girls #1 (2013)

I guess I didn't say everything I had to say about Zero #1 (I didn't actually say much) so this week at Thor's Comic Column I get it all out.  Also, I dive into the new Powerpuff Girls comic which is really quite amazing and worthy of a 4.5/5 rating...however yesterday while reading through it with my daughter we realized that the characters aren't introduced at all in the book.  My daughter was asking what each of the PPG's names are, and the only one of the three called by name is Bubbles, and I already knew her name.  Wow, that's a bit of an epic fail I failed to mention in my review, and probably would have knocked a 1/2, if not a full rating point off the review.  It's pretty new-reader unfriendly in that regard (simple captions in the book when the girls appear would have solved it easily and simply).

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