Wednesday, September 25, 2013

365 Comics...264: Supergirl #16 (1984)

I thought I had all of Ambush Bug's appearances -- they weren't that many after all  -- but it turns out I was missing this less than key appearance in Supergirl.  At this stage the Bug had faced off against Superman twice,  once when Supes was teamed with the Doom Patrol (I want to say DC Comics Presents #52 off the top of my head) and the second teamed with the Legion of Substitute Heroes (DCCP #57 maybe?) but this is immediately before he turns up in Action Comics as the fourth wall-breaking commentator on corporaye comics culture as we came to know and love him (just saw the finale of Batman: the Brave and the Bold cartoon in which Bug appears and it is glorious).

This issue finds AB ready to turn over a new leaf and starts stopping perceived  crimes (which aren't really faux pas at best) only to spy Supergirl and think something has gone horribly wrong with Superman,  turning into a bit of an Impossible Man-esque/Bat-Mite-ish pest.

The B-story is something ridiculous about stolen instruments,  magical music, and Supergirl's alter ego's boyfriend getting kidnapped to conduct a mystical orchestra.  How the A-plot and  B-plot dovetail into one another is deus ex machina at its hoariest, quite terrible.  And some art from the great Carmine Infantino that looks often like he's putting only the minimal amount of effort into it.

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