Sunday, September 8, 2013

365 Comics...248: DC Universe Vs Masters of the Universe #1 (2013)

I kind of gave up on DC's MOTU relaunch part way through the inaugural mini series and despite favourable raves from the He-Man buffs at my LCS, I just can't seem to get into it.  The latest Mattel-mandated costume change had me curious but more in a "just how much will I hate this" kind of way.  The sheer fact that He-Man has put on more clothes whilst Teela's warriors garb has gotten more revealing is really all l needed to know about these changes and who they're targeted at. 

I have a deep rooted nostalgia for DC Comics Presents #46 where He-Man teams up with Superman (after they challenge one another of course) so despite my reservations for both New 52 DC and their handling of MOTU I figured l needed to give this a shot.  Plus it's Villains Month and I'm down a few books on the month so I had room to try it out.

What a boring comic book.  The only "versus" that happens here is Marlena (Prince Adam's mom) socks Constantine in the jaw and Skeletor messes with Black Alice.  Yawn.  No sign of any of DC's major players and on Eternia He-Man and crew  are doing a lot of waiting for stuff to happen as Evil-Lyn teases out the plot.  Yes we're in set-up stage but it's a plodding introduction that's milking a captive audience of both time and money.  This is a story that needed to start in the middle and fill in the background aling the way.

Though I quite resoundingly did not like this book,  I am just that kind of nerd who is going to give it a second chance,  when I could be putting it towards something admittedly worthwhile, like more Action Comics Weekly back-issues.

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