Friday, September 6, 2013

365 Comics...246: Action Comics Annual #1 (1987)

Reading this book made me sad.  No not for anything sentimental John Byrne put in his extremely straightforward script.  Nor was I sad for its limp attempt at a Batman/ Superman team-up and an equally flaccid vampire tale set in the Bayou (years before Sookie Stackhouse though so that's gotta count for somethin' right? Nah).  No it was the realization that Arthur Adams wasted a significant amount of his precious illustration time on this highly insignificant story.  Art Adams work needs celebration and showcasing, not ho-hum stories in drab environments. 

And while I'm bitching, how do you have a Batman/Superman team-up book where Batman and Superman never get to team-up (they spend only 2 pages together in the aftermath)?  And a book that takes place in the swamp but no Swamp Thing? And why was that vampire girl wearing n Mr. Peanut T-Shirt (weirdest product placement ever)? l didn't know vampires liked peanuts and/or ironic t-shirts so much.

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