Thursday, September 26, 2013

365 Comics...265: Zero #1 (2013)

Only 100 of these things left to go.  Somehow that doesn't seem like a lot.  Sometimes it feels like I read a hundred comics in a month (it certainly feels like I've been buying that many with all 3-for-a-buck books and discount trades that have amassed).  The pile of unsorted, read books beside the bed is now 3 feet tall, it's at the point where I kind of dread sorting it.  It's like the beginnings of those newspaper skyscrapers you see on Hoarders.   But at the same time as I dread filing through all these books, I'm also strangely proud of it...I mean how many other media can be consumed so quickly...Songs I guess if you're going by that metric.  It's generally faster to listen to a song than read an isdue of a comic,  and an issue of a comic is faster than an episode of television, and an episode of TV is on average faster than a podcast episode which is faster than most movies...I've lost where I'm going with this... something about comics being an incredibly digestible storytelling medium.  I love em.  They're like potato chips, I just want to consume them until they are all gone,  and I don't care how bad they are for me, and how raw my mouth gets from all those jagged edges and the dehydrating effects of the salt...oh those salty, salty comics.

Anyway, Zero#1 from Ales Kot, whose Lovecraft-meets-hip-hop (a crass oversimplification) mini-series "Change" I enjoyed enough to keep a lookout for more work from him but wasn't about to pick up his Suicide Squad, not right away at least, since, you know, you can't trust DC anymore, and good thing I didn't hop aboard too because Kot bailed after,  what, 3? 4 issues?
Zero may be a spin on Universal Soldier, but at least Kot feels like he has a story to tell here.  It's an intriguing cover-to-cover read, and I'll be back for more next month.

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