Wednesday, September 4, 2013

365 Comics...244: Avengers Academy: Fear Itself (2012)

Not too long ago (365 Comics #229 in fact) l was complaining about the seeming scarcity of the 3rd Volume of Avengers Arena.  Well, I found it, at the latest Toronto Fan Expo.  I had not realized it was a Fear Itself tie-in which probably explains my difficulty in finding it, since I noticed that many retailers were filing all the Fear Itself trades with one another under "F".  The booth purchased it at was kind enough to file it in with the other AA trades but it still doesn't identify itself readily as there's no "Volume 3" indicator anywhere.  I'm guessing Marvel was anticipating more sales from Fear Itself trade waiters than AA trade waiters but I expect that's a short term thing and that it will be republished as Volume 3 next time (if they don't do the omnibus thing instead).

Looking at the advertising in the back for the Avengers: The Initiative series I'm wondering if l shouldn't go back and read those too (but then l really have avoided most of the "Osborne Years" at Marvel and don't really want to go back.  Anyone have any thoughts on if it's a worthwhile precursor to Avengers Academy?  Or is my perception that I'm not missing anything accurate?

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