Monday, September 9, 2013

365 Comics... 249: God Is Dead #1 (2013)

Time was Vertigo was the HBO of comic books, the premiere place for stories to get told.  These days Image firmly holds that title, while Vertigo is kind of like Netflix original programming.  Marvel and DC and Dark Horse are ABC, NBC and CBS respectively, representing the mainstream where Valiant has taken the Fox role that Image had at the turn of the Century (Marvel I originally had as CBS, the usual Ratings leader but switched it to ABC since they're both owned by Disney).  IDW is like Showtime... they're doing some really good stuff but there's a lot of fluff in there.  Dynamite is kind of the TNT, with some simple old school 80's style stuff that feels both like an homage and just dated. Avatar, well, it's the Starz of the comics world, trashy and dirty.  It's not that quality cannot arise from Avatar but, like Starz, there is the hurdle of gratuitous primaI impulses (sex and violence and coarse language) that any reader must overcome in order to discover an interesting conceit or fun story.   It's not something you feel proud about reading.  Its the place where you would expect to find Zeus telling the other Deities about the Earth under the realm of man "this bitch is ripe and wet and spread wide open for us. Let's take her"

Avatar is the place creators go in order to act like Mark Millar where they think nobody will be paying any attention to them.

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