Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting to Know…Our Family Pt. 5

Here it is, Second Printers, to conclude our week of answers we come to the person whose responses inspired this whole thing - Caroline, Jon Carey's girlfriend. Hey, that almost sounds like a cheezey 1960's comic. As if Jon Carey was some sort of Johnny Quest-type adventurer and Caroline was his plucky and intrepid gal who always got him out of trouble. Anyway, Caroline was the first in with her answers, because Jon apparently quizzed her during the vice presidential debates. It’s only fitting that she gets the wrap up spot for the week. We hoped you enjoyed reading the answers. If you want to take the time and ask a non-comic reading loved one the questionnaire and then send in your answers to we will be happy to put them up.

(Jon Carey is our Hawkeye after all. Not that I am saying that Caroline is going to turn out to be a Skrull and then Carey will then go crazy ass genocidal for an alien race or anything like that.)

Q: Where do Spider-man's webs come from?

Caroline: His wrists.
Jon: How do they come out?
Caroline: They go CHOOM!
Jon: No no no, I mean, is there a machine there?
Caroline: No, it just comes out his arm. Because now he is a spider-dude.

Q:Who killed Superman?"

Caroline: I didn't even know he was dead.
Jon: He died once. Years ago.
Caroline: That green glowy shit. Krypt-tow-nite. Or that bald guy. Lex Luthor.

Q: What is Magneto the master of?"

Caroline: Magnetism.

Q: What holiday does Luke Cage think is sweet?

Caroline: Probably... Valentine's Day.
Jon: Why?
Caroline: Because it's sweet.

Q: How many Robins have there been?

Caroline: Like five. (Without missing a BEAT.)

Q:Who is Green Arrow married to?

Caroline: Ooooh, that chick in Secret Invasion who came back and he was like 'oh, shit, I thought you were dead.' Oooooh, you told me this. She's a superhero. But I don't know her name. She flies? And she got an abortion?
Jon: Okay. First off. You're talking about Hawkeye.
Caroline: YEAH!
Jon: Who isn't Green Arrow.
Caroline: Ooooooh.
Jon: Who's HIS wife?
Caroline: Mockingbird.

(After explaining that Green Arrow hangs out with Batman in a different universe, she guessed Catwoman and I let it go.)

Q: How far into the future are the Legion of Super-Heroes?

Caroline: 2583. No unit of measure given, none asked for.

Q: What is Aquaman's real name?

Caroline: Namor... I know they're two separate people. They both hang out in the water. Like it's a giant kiddy pool.
Jon: Arthur Curry.
Caroline: I would not have known that.

Q: What is Robin's real name?

Caroline: I don't know.

Q: What is The Thing made of?

Caroline: SWAMP! ...oh, no no, rocks and clay and shit.
Jon: Yeah, fine.
Caroline: And in Batman, he said he couldn't stay human for long, because it's like tensing a muscle.
Jon: ...that's Clayface.

Q: What was the name of the 'Justice' superhero team from the 1940s?

Caroline: The Justice League.
Jon: No, but it was a terribly worded question.

Q: What is the Thing's favorite 'time'?

Caroline: Like, year-round or daily?
Jon: We're just going to move on. Eh, clobberin', dear, clobberin'.
Caroline: OH! CLOBBERIN' TIME! ...that counts, right?

Q: What mood do you not want to see Bruce Banner in?

Caroline: Angry. Slash green.

Q: What animal does Mary Jane Watson like to call Peter Parker/Spider-Man?

She just named a bunch of animals. Moving on.

Q: How many claws does Wolverine have?

Caroline: Eight. Wait, I take it back. That's a trick question, because his whole body is... titanium... or uranium.
Jon: Adamantium.
Caroline: Yeah! If you DON'T count his feet, EIGHT.

Q: When Billy Batson says 'Shazam', he gains the attributes of six legendary figures. Which figures, what attributes?

I'm didn't even ask this one because I'm pretty sure I don't know the right answer offhand. Moving on.

Q: Who was the model for Captain Marvel's face?

Caroline: Your mom.

(I concur)

Q: Where do Superman's powers come from?

Caroline: The planet Krypton.

Q: What is Superman's secret identity?"

Caroline: (incredulously) Clark Kent.

Q: What city does Superman and The Batman call home?

Caroline: Batman is Gotham. Superman is... somewhere on the east coast... in the north east... near Lois Lane... near the Daily Planet... probably New York?
Jon: Metropolis.
Caroline: OOOH.

Q: What is the only thing that hurts Superman?

Caroline: Kryptonite.
Jon: There's two other things. I think we've had conversations about this.
Caroline: Green Lantern is yellow.
Jon: Yeah, good.
Caroline: Water? Fish? Aquaman?
Jon: Aquaman. Is one of the three things that hurts Superman.
Caroline: Dude, Aquaman hurts Superman SO HARD.
Jon: Magic and vampires.
Caroline: The fuck?

Q: What is the name of Superman’s girlfriend?"

Caroline: Lois Lane.

Q: Name Superman’s archenemy.

Caroline: Lex Luthor.

Q: What weekly comic does Judge Dredd regularly appear in?

There was literally no way she knew this one.

Q: What is Alfred's surname?

Caroline: Jameson. Butlerface.

Q: Who is Cable?
Caroline: The stuff that goes in the TV. No, Cable... is real strong... and he transmits telecommunications information... into YOUR BRAIN. Does he wear sweaters? Maybe he knits.

Q: Who is/was Steve Rogers?

She tried to guess by looking at my bookshelf, saw the Defenders,
Caroline: he's... a Defender?
Jon: No.
Caroline: He's... an Avenger?
Jon: Yeah. Yeah, he was an Avenger. Name some Avengers.
Caroline: Uma Thurman. Ralph Fiennes. In a Dum Dum Dugan hat.
Jon: Those are... different Avengers.
Caroline: Oh. Then I don't know.

Q: What does "THWIP" mean?

Caroline: It's when you go THWIP with a web.

Q: What is Captain America's weapon of choice?

Caroline: His star-shield.

Q: Which super-group is from the distant future: the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the Legion of Super-Heroes, or the Justice Society?

She got it right, but that only proves she was here for question seven.

Q: What is Doctor Doom's real name?

Caroline: What's he from?
Jon: Fantastic Four. He's your boy, Julian Whatshisface?
Caroline: Oh, what's the question?
Jon: What's his real name?
Caroline: The New Hotness. I don't know. Steve Sanders?
Jon: Steve Sanders changed his name to Doctor Doom?
Caroline: Wouldn't you?
Jon: Wait, wasn't Steve Sanders on 90210?"

Q: What color pants does the Hulk always wear?

Caroline: PURPLE.

Q: Do superheroes ever kill?

Caroline: No.

Q: What comes with great power?

Caroline: Responsibility.


ChrisM said...

Doctor Doom is the new hotness? Your girlfriend wins this game FOREVER!

Anthony Strand said...

Yeah, that Justice Society question is terribly worded. And I submitted it. Not my finest moment.

That said, I loved this whole week. Great stuff, bloggers and participating relatives!

Jon said...

Well, Aquaman does have a magic water hand, so it's possible he'd be harmful to Superman ;)

JYD said...

Excellent work. I'm slightly disappointed that no-one got the Judge Dredd question. A serious blow for my patriotism there. Ah well.

Anonymous said...

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