Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On NOT Writing...

As we stared out onto the horizon preparing the battlements for the oncoming battle against the Evil Were-Zombies of The Nefarious Planet ZoOom, Ben, Mike and I looked at each other, knowing full well what was happening.

My sidekicks are to the right. ---->

(Or as it really happened, Ben drank club soda, while Mike and I kept jumping up to go and fiddle with the jukebox.)

There were words of encouragement. There was no talk of battle cry. Where there should have been cacophony, there was silence and we had heard its like before...

Despite the unique circumstance offered upon this late noon, we had...


We admit it. We're just sort of bored right now. We could comment on what everyone else is commenting on.

"OMG, they killed Pa Kent! Those bastards! Ma Kent's gonna have to learn to use the tractor now!"

We could comment on the state of the industry but I think not writing anything really says more about the state of things more than anything we say actually could.

We're just sorta bored. Sorry.

I know that a lot of our readers happen to have blogs and God love you, you update them almost daily.

So, my question to you is this:

"Where do you find inspiration when the idea of fending off Evil Were-Zombies of The Nefarious Planet ZoOom ain't necessarily doing it for you right now or I guess, you could say, what do you do when your comics aren't really inspiring you right now?"

Fear not though, we've been working on a little something telling and I think, utterly hilarious.

We're still here and we're not going anywhere any time soon.


Bill said...

I come up with stupid questions relating to comics, ask my cohorts, and then discuss their answers. Or take a nap...

Jon said...

I haven't blogged in almost 5 months, so don't ask me ;)

On the flip side, I've been buying lots of back issues lately (mostly from the 80's), and I'm starting to feel like I might have it in me once again. No rush though.

Rob S. said...

My blog has no focus subject -- I just write whatever's on my mind: movies, politics, comics or something crazy I saw on my way to work.

But when all else fails, do a meme.