Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting to Know...Our Family pt.4

Hello Second Printers-

Up today is Devon's nephew, Nigel. Now, I have met this kid and he is pretty awesome. He has class, he has verve, he has wit, he has - well I'll let his introduce him.

The Set-Up:

I've never seen anything like it.

I'd been trying to nail him down for nearly two weeks and it wasn't getting any easier. He's a busy and popular guy. When we walk down a street, people of all ages, color and gender come up to him and just to say, “Hello!” Why, the other day, when we were at lunch, the editor of our local “alternative” weekly, stopped by our table to simply wish him a good day. Introductions were exchanged, he returns to the business of the milkshake and questions from this boy's uncle were asked.

“How do you know her, I asked”

“Oh, that's my godmother.”

Last week, as I was set to pick him up from school I ran into a co-worker.

Co-worker: “What are you doing here? What the hell are you doing here? Coming back for a refresher course in the alphabet? HAR! HAR!

Me: “No. Picking up my nephew.”

Co-worker: “Who's your nephew?”

Me: “That little guy over there.”

Co-worker: “NO! That's your nephew? No! I know him! He and my son are best buddies. He's awesome. What happened to you?”

This is what a day with my nephew is like, full of surprises, comics not even necessary. His answers, while not always the most accurate, were consistently truthful and as always, him. I'm happy I could share one of my days with one of my favorite people with you.

Q: "Where do Spider-man's webs come from?"

Nigel: His hands. (Looks very pleased with himself.)

Q: "Who killed Superman?"

Nigel: A villain.

Q: What is Magneto the master of?"

Nigel: Magnets.

Q: What holiday does Luke Cage think is sweet?

Nigel: Superhero Day!

Q: How many Robins have there been?

Nigel: Two. Robin and Robin.

Q:Who is Green Arrow married to?

Nigel: Who is he?

(I show him a book on Green Arrow and he points to the Green Lantern.)

Nigel: I guess I don't know then.

Q: How far into the future are the Legion of Super-Heroes?

Nigel: 1967. Why? Because they're old and people from 1967 are old.

Q: What is Aquaman's real name?

Nigel: Marcus.

Q:What is Robin's real name?

Nigel: Robin Batmanboy.

Q: What is The Thing made of?

Nigel: What thing?

Devon: The Thing.

Nigel: “No. Seriously, what Thing? (Awkward silence) The Thing is a real thing? Oh! The ROCK guy!

Q: What was the name of the 'Justice' superhero team from the 1940s?

Nigel: Legends!

Q: What is the Thing's favorite 'time'?

Nigel: He has a watch?

Q: What mood do you not want to see Bruce Banner in?

Nigel: A good mood.

Q: What animal does Mary Jane Watson like to call Peter Parker/Spider-Man?

Nigel: Spider!

Q: How many claws does Wolverine have?

Nigel : Thirteen. They come out of his gloves? No? They come out of his hands? AWKWARD! My favorite oatmeal is maple. Is this Underdog?” (Points at a picture of Krypto)
Devon: Next question!

Q: "When Billy Batson says 'Shazam', he gains the attributes of six legendary figures. Which figures, what attributes?"

Nigel: What are attributes?

(I explain to him how we receive our attributes like how we got our brown skin from our ancestors.)

Nigel: Billy Batson is black six times, right?

Q: "Where do Superman's powers come from?"

Nigel: His suit.

Q: "What is Superman's secret identity?"

Nigel: Clark Kenneth. No... no. (Sees the look on my face.) Is this almost over?

Q: "What city does Superman call home?"

Nigel: That city he fought The Joker in.

Q: "What is the only thing that hurts Superman?"

Nigel: Mary Jane? No, wait. Water, on his suit.

Q: What is the name of Spider-Man's girlfriend?"

Nigel: Mary Jane.

Q: Name Superman's archenemy. His number one bad guy.

Nigel: Joker. No. NO! He doesn't fight The Joker, does he? No, that's Robin. Is “the question guy” a villain? (Points at The Riddler)

Q: What weekly comic does Judge Dredd regularly appear in?

Nigel: Ummm... OK. The Judge!
Q: What is Alfred's surname?

Nigel: Batman has a butler? Mark, I guess. Oh, you said his LAST NAME! Kent?

Devon: Never mind.

Q: Who is Cable?

Nigel: (Incredulously) A TV.

Q: Who is/was Steve Rogers?

Nigel: A superhero.

Q: What does "THWIP" mean?

Nigel: That means Spider-Man's shooting his webs.

(I give him a pound.)

Q: What is Captain America's weapon of choice?

Nigel: His shield-thing.

Devon: That's great! How did you ever get that one?

Nigel: (Pointing) It's one your lunchbox over there.

(Starts singing some song about libraries.)
Q: Which super-group is from the distant future: the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the Legion of Super-Heroes, or the Justice Society?

Nigel: Fantastic Four. They are four minutes into the future. That's how they got their name, right?

Q:What is Doctor Doom's real name?

Nigel: Dunno but I know you do.
Q: What color pants does the Hulk always wear?
Nigel: Blue. He like jeans.

Q: Do superheros ever kill?

Nigel: NO! (Looks incredulous)

Q: What comes with great power?

Nigel: A great superhero. Do you still have some of that maple oatmeal?


Nick said...

The best Q/A:

Q: What mood do you not want to see Bruce Banner in?

Nigel: A good mood.

Darn straight.

ChrisM said...

Who thought that "normal" people would know what comic Judge Dredd normally appeared in? Does he even appear in normal comics anymore?

KENT! said...

By "normal" people you mean "not British" people, right :P
He's a pretty big deal across the pond... apparently.

Rob S. said...

Great interviews -- I'm really enjoying these!

Harvey Jerkwater said...

Nigel: Billy Batson is black six times, right?

If I were editor of DC, I would be forced to answer: "HE IS NOW!" And then I would call up Jerry Ordway and tell him the Shazam title was coming back, with one small change. I have no idea how "black six times" would work, or even what it means, but dammit, I want to see it.

Now I'm even more firmly of the opinion that Marvel and DC should talk to young kids for new story ideas. This stuff is great.

Also, Devon, I'd like some maple oatmeal too. Got any left?

Devon Sanders said...

He ate it all. :(

J said...

I cannot believe everyone knows THWIP. Apparently I haven't been paying enough attention.