Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Getting To Know Us: If We Were The Avengers...

Ben Hatton is THE BEAST

One of the smartest guys I've ever met. Everyone loves this guy (except that guy) Just kind of bounces around, touching everyone on the head and when the shit hits the fan, no one'll fight for you any harder than this guy. Has at one time had blue hair.


Charged with a weird energy no one can quite explain, Mike P. like Wondy is tapped with untold potential. Mike's from Kentucky and has no accent. Wonder Man is an actor, so they both know how to do dialects.


Well, he's Canadian but hell, no one exemplifies what a country has to offer than this guy. Oddly enough, after the founding members of his current team (Rack Raids) left, he stepped in into the role of leader and with a ragtag team of former villains, took it to greater heights. We're back but we know who the leader is.

Devon is THOR

True story: when I worked in the comics shop, I was showing a customer one of those $300 Mjolnir props. This guy, a known shoplifter, walks in and kept bugging me to let him see the hammer. After a couple of minutes of this, apparently and I don't remember this, dropped it to my side and raised it up and tried to cold-cock the guy with it.

Someone with more sense stopped me.

I have FOUR evil little brothers.

I think I may have slain a dragon the other day. Probably was a bug.

Jon Carey is HAWKEYE

I am sure if given a bow and arrow, this guy would try and find a way to fire off a midget attached to his shaft.

Jon Carey also would be the most likely to buy himself a giraffe, reasoning, "It reminds me of my time in the circus."


Nate said...

...I have it on good authority that Jon Carey has tried to attach a midget to his shaft on more than one occasion.
I had no idea is was related to comics!

Adj said...

I am pleased with my husband being selected as Captain America :)

BIG MIKE said...

We had to make Graig Captain America... otherwise he'd get crazy ideas about how we're all like members of Alpha Flight... and that would be ridiculous... wouldn't it?

Adj said...

What, you mean no one wants to be Vindicator? His costume was awesome!

... of course, I'm Canadian and may be biased.