Tuesday, January 1, 2013

365 Comics...1: Superboy (2011) #6

A wonderful 2-page heart-to-heart atop Titans Tower between Superboy and Red Robin hearkens back to the 90's-style Superman/Batman rooftop meet-ups while completely embracing the legacy aspect of the characters as well as their own history.  Lemire nails their voices so perfectly, as well as encapsulates what made the DCU so wonderful before it was reborn.  There was a sense in these two pages that Connor and Tim were the future, when Bruce and Clark were gone, they'd be there in their place.  I know it never really would have happened in proper DCU continuity, but a fasttrack to the old 70's Earth 2-style progression of the legacies in Lemire's hands would have been glorious.

There's also a great exchange between Ray Palmer and Connor's genius friend  Simon Valentine, whom Lemire was quickly making into a great supporting character in this series.  I suppose he doesn't have much place in the New 52 given the changes made to Superboy.  Sad.  I'm working my way through the rest of Lemire's short pre-reboot series and I can tell I'm going to miss it already. 

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