Wednesday, January 23, 2013

365 Comics...23: Wonder Woman #304(1983)

There's a new issue of Brian Azzarello's Wonder Woman out today, one which, I'm sure (or I hope), has Diana squaring off against Orion, a clash of Greek and New Gods.  I haven't read it yet, but I did read this not-so-classic tale in which Wonder Women and a disguised-as-Green Lantern Steve Trevor square off against Dr. Polaris.  Polaris has the power and technology to shift the Earth on its axis, and what does he hold the world hostage for? Green Lantern. He just wants to square off against GL.  Idiot.

Meanwhile, in the Huntress backup, Mr Wind and Mr. Kid (sorry, just watched Diamonds Are Forever) have put our heroine onto a conveyor heading into a cremation furnace an left her unattended so that she may escape without interference.  Fight, explosion, cliffhanger ending.  A tight 7 pages from the middle of the story with very little context.

The letter column is shockingly 6 or 7 issues behind.I thought 4 was always standard.

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