Monday, January 7, 2013

365 Comics...7: Punk Rock Jesus #1 (2012)

Ranking solidly in top ten lists across the interwebs (#1 in a few instances) I decided to check out this Punk Rock Jesus thing for myself.  And, yeah, Jesus, it's good.  Creator Sean Murphy is tackling this thing from all angles: social, political, environmental,  pop-cultural, financial and religious.  It's smart, without being too in-your-face cerebral, but its also entertaining.  The whole behid-the-scenes drama of a "reality TV series" would be entertaining enough (I'm surprised that with all the "behind the scenes" comedies and dramas on TV we haven't really seen one about reality TV... though I bet it's been done in the UK) nevermind it being about the birth of the first cloned human, and nevermind that clone being Jesus.

Also quite daring is Murphy's choice to go full black and white, especially from a mainstream imprint like Vertigo.  Murphy's style, reminiscent of early Chris Bachalo, is perfectly suited to black and white, ab and looks gorgeous.  I definitely want more of this. I understand why it's made such a critical splash.

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