Saturday, January 12, 2013

365 Comics...12: Change #2 (2013)

I read issue #1 with the definite impression that some weird shit is going down... something related to Lovecraftian mythos... but what? I had no idea, I really wasn't even sure if I enjoyed what I read, but I'm certain I didn't understand it.  With the second issue close at hand I dove in, searching for enlightenment.  Like a match Struck in pitch darkness, for a Second, and only a second, I could see... burned into my retinas are the after images, silhouettes mostly of what I think I saw,but now back in the black I'm trying to make sense of these vague shapes.

I'm playing a lot of Elder Signs: Omens on my phone lately, part of the Arkham Horror line of gang, steeped in Lovecraft myth.  As such, I am perfectly in the mind to explore the emergence of the dark ores even though I haven't read much of ol' H.P.'s scribblings and am obviously missing something (or things) referentially.  But, after two issues, and two more to go, I'm very curious to see how this opaquely told tale comes together.

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