Sunday, January 20, 2013

365 Comics... 20: Superman # 401(1984)

  1. A transcript of my live tweeting of Superman #401. In reverse order, because that seems to be how copy-paste works from twitter.

    Pg 25-26: Letter column! Nerds!
  2. Pg 24,''You owe me nothing, cousin,besides, some time or other, I'll be the one asking you for help." In other words, you owe me.
  3. pg 23. A firm handshake between cousins and a detailed explanation for everything that just happened ... in case you're slow...
  4. pg22. Turns out Trogdor was just Supergirl in a rubber suit.which she tears out of and lets fall to the ground, smothering & crushing dozens
  5. Pg21. "Next he'll make it sound like I'm giving a testimonial to Superman! I'll be the laughingstock of the underworld." The best laid plans
  6. Pg20.It looks like Lex Luthor is defending Metropolis from this alien menace. Wah Wah, Lex.
  7. pg 18."Holy crow! He's starting to do a number on the building!" ''Thank the stars that was the unoccupied generator floor he demolished"
  8. Pg 17... two days later... "Good grief! It's some way-out warrior from another world.'' Trogar, a 60ft flying Viking, to be exact.
  9. Pg.16... a secret heat ray message in Kryptonese burned into Jimmy's wall. There goes the security deposit. Wah Wah.
  10. Pg14 pt.2"I've never felt so manipulated... so helpless."Really Supes? Never? Never ever? So diabolical, Lex hurting your feelings like that
  11. Pg 14. Ah,in the armor he looks & sounds like Lex.Jimmy is giving him shit.''How diabolical, being forced to face the hatred of my friends."
  12. Pg 13.Lex has him trapped in his warsuit but has no control over him... but he is taunting him with bad puns. That'll show him, Lex.
  13. pg 11... can't crash or burn it off... he's stuck. Lex looks like Telly Savalis as Blofeld in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"...
  14. Pg. 10.. Somehow between fighting the twins on Pg8 and Pg 10 Superman has wound up inside Luthor's warsuit. Supes is perplexed.
  15. Pg.7..A nice Clark-into-Superman panel here from Curt Swan. How low on the henchmen totem must you be if a warsuit is calling you "imbecile"
  16. Pg-6.. Luther's having conversations with his warsuit. I was going to say its totally crazy but its just like Iron Man.. only totally crazy
  17. Pg.5, the twins have hijacked the station to issue Luthors ultimatum to Superman.Meanwhile, Luthor macks it with a bombshell in a hoverchair
  18. Pg. 3 Oh no, Yoda-talking rocket powered siamese twins are totally interrupting the broadcast. "Obeyed us peacefully, you should have."
  19. Pg. 2. Lana & Clark's newscast is ridiculously hyperbolic: "And what diabolic scheme of malevolence and mayhem will usher his dread return?"
  20. Page 1. in a prev issue a 60-story-foot-tall (or "Kong-sized") Lex Luthor hologram attacked the Daily Planet. Giant light, so scary!

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