Friday, January 4, 2013

365 Comics...4: Bedlam #1

I'm honestly not sure what I just read.  I don't know if its a symptom of Nick Spencer's writing, his story structure, or if it's a result of reading the book in Comixology's patented "guided view".  I read a couple dozen comics on the app for iPhone/iPod touch, and I liked it okay (still doesn't compare to a physical copy in your hands), but I've recently upgraded to a high profile Samsung phone/tablet thing and the "guided view" in the Android app is as buggy as a bed in a slummy New York hotel (or as my three year old calls them, "ho-and-tell").  It keeps repeating pages or skipping panels, and generally it's cropping them so that you're not getting full artistic representation.   I appreciate that desinging an app for a platform that will be applied to hundreds of differing phones and screens is a challenge, so I don't mean to nitpick too much, but I think it affected my enjoyment - perhaps understanding - of the book is all I'm getting at.

With a physical comic, I could flip back and forth quickly between pages, recontextualizing the story as needed (it's kind of a scattered narrative, non-linear, though artist Riley Rossmo and colorist Jean-Paul Csuka only distinguish between past and present by using black and white with a scattering of red for the past, so there's a little muddling of how tightly connected chronologically the past segments are), the app makes that more difficult to do with ease.  But I shouldn't complain,  the first issue was free, as are a great many first issues from Image an plenty of other publishers.  I think I'll be waiting for physical trade on the rest of this one.

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