Wednesday, January 2, 2013

365 Comics...2: Batman Incorporated (Vol 2) #6

...In which Jason Todd threatens to eat Batcow (love me some Batcow) and Damian gets a cat and names it Alfred.

In more troubling news, Squire and  Freight Train are both at death's door, Knight got his kneck broke, and Batman can't save the hostages.  Shit gets real, real fast, as Talia is out to teach Bruce a lesson. 

Books like this, where the odds are so stacked against the hero (or heroes) and the casualties start pililing up, well they make me so super anxious.  But, they are also terribly exiting.


Wayne Murphy said...
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Wayne Murphy said...

Batman Incorporated, Damien and Batcow are all fantastic, so this is a triple-thumbs-up for me!

Oh, and Morrison makes that a quadruple-thumbs-up! :)