Saturday, January 5, 2013

365 Comics...5: Chris Wisnia's Monstrosis! #1

I love absurd comedy, so I was delighted to find Chris Wisnia's Monstrosis from SLG on Comixology.
The whole "first issue free" thing works very well at exposing me to comics I probably wouldn't have purchased otherwise,  or maybe just overlooked on the crowded newsstand the first time around or maybe validates my decision to trade wait... of course there are a larger percentage of "first issue free" books that I have no desire to read beyond the first issue... but I digress.
Monstrosis is a lampoon of the 60's Kirby Devil Dinosaur giant monster comics, as if by way of Michael Kuppermsn's Tales Designed To Thrizzle followed by a detour through the mind of comedian/podcast perpetuater Paul F Tompkins.  Wisnia's dreamed up a silver-age publication, Tabloia, as a non-fiction journal that centered around documenting the adventures of Doris Danger, journalis/monster hunter.  Monstrosis is fabricated, in this volume (with preambles and footnotes aplenty) as a hasty, careless reprinting of select graphic reports of Ms. Danger.  Equally it would seem the "original" source material from Tabloia was not much better produced.
It's a off-beat, multi-level screwturn on vintage comics publishing and modern, budget reprints whilst equally making a pointed jab at the over-valuation of continuity (and editorial footnotes) as a storytelling shortcut and how needless, repetitive exposition is an ufortunate side effect.  But that's a marginally analytical assessment of a laugh-out-loud ridiculous book (one that's free, right niw, on Comixology and reads well on it too ... after all my Comixology bitching yesterday).

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