Wednesday, December 25, 2013

365 Comics...356: Wonder Woman #26 (2013)

on the twelfth day of Christmas, my comics gave to me...

12 supporting cast members

1) Milan, Diana's half-brother, Azzarello said he was modeled after legendary street personality Wesley Willis, which I caught onto immediately.  I was endeared to him from moment one and this is a bit of a spotlight issue for him

2) Cassandra, another half-sibling, captured Milan and is ready to torture him to get the location of the First Born from him.  She's a classic wicked witch-type character.

3) Orion, making him a major player in Diana's supporting cast was a stroke of genius.  I've never liked the character more (or all that much ever, really).  Being an odd-couple buddy with Milan is just icing.  Greek gods and New Gods teaming up, yeah, great stuff.

4) Siracca, another half-sibling, a youthful, tortured, phantom-like presence. 

5) Hermes, has tajen us on quite a journey so far.  Not a bad guy but not entirely trustworthy.  Hell of a fighter.

6) Strife, petty and dangerous, kind of the Loki of the book

7) Zola, mother of the future lord of Olympus. Human. Struggling to understand her place in this world she's found herself in.

8) Zeke, the future lord of Olympus.  He's a baby.  He can't speak, but he can do other things... apparently...

9) Lennox, he's just a head, sadly.

10) First Born, once so menacing, now imprisoned, shamed, and covered indignantly with flies

11) Apollo, current ruler of Olympus.  Captor and torturer of First Born.  Dapper.

12) Dio, returns.  A travelerv apparently.  I don't really remember him.  Will have to check back.

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