Saturday, December 7, 2013

365 Comics...335: Velvet #2 (2013)

Velvet is incredible...just heaps of 1960's-set espionage fun.  Steve Epting is killing it visually, his art is stunning and cinematic, dynamic and bristling with energy.  Even with all the talking heads there's a forward driving momentum to it making it effortlessly readable.  I liked Epting's work on Captain America quite a bit, but this is amazing.  Brubaker meanwhile seems to be delighting in a retro-style of storytelling, with lots of jumping between scenes and character narrative that might as well be thought balloons.  Any adventure spy (you know, of the Bond/Bourne/Avengers (Steed/Peel etc)/Mission Impossible/U.N.C.L.E. etc) fan absolutely needs to be reading this book.

Was Velvet modeled after Stacy London (ex of What Not To Wear)?  Seriously, put these two faces side-by-side...

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