Saturday, December 21, 2013

365 Comics...353: Saga #17 (2013)

On the ninth day of Christmas, my comics gave to me...

9 visible sex acts on page 15...or..
question number 9 on the reader's survey results. "9) On Star Trek: The Next Generation, which two characters had a never-acknowledged love affair that only you know about.?"

To which Vaughan summarizes the replies he received; "A dispiriting majority of you said that you couldn't even hazard a guess because you don't know anything about this 'old show,' but maybe it's because you don't know anything about love, have you fucking millennials stopped to think about that?
"Anyway, David Lott from Spokane replied, 'Worf's prune juice and Piccard's (sic) Earl Grey!' and because of that he is better than us all."

My second favourite part of the reader survey response (which I never did get around to sending in ...), #24; "You have to permanently give up either movies or television, so what's it gonna be?"

"Insert on thousand mean-spirited jokes about Under The Dome here, you dicks!"  (Vaughan was showrunner of Under The Dome).

Oh don't be sad Brian, you've still got the glorious praise of Saga to fall back on, and The Private Eye, issue 5 (!5?  I'm 3 issues behind already!?) just came out today.

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