Saturday, December 21, 2013

365 Comics...352: Young Avengers #14 (2013)

On the 8th day of Christmas, my comics gave to me...

eight creator credits.  This issue of Young Avengers is brought to you buy Gillen and McKelvie and Matt Wilson, and also Emma Vieceli and Lee Loughridge, plus Christian Ward, as well as Annie Wu and Jordie Bellaire.  Looks like these final two issues of YA are going to be like this, with a revolving door of artists, each taking a chapter that focuses upon one of the Young Avengers as they all gather to celebrate with their other super-powered teenaged friends at a New Year's Party.

Naturally I love McKelvie and Wilson's spot the best because I just groove on McKelvie's art hard, but also because it's a gab session between Hawkeye and Miss America Chavez and they're probably my two favourite YA characters, next to Loki, except Loki became a handsome post-teen heartthrob and left the YA, so, y'know, fuck'em.  Kate and Chavez 4'eva.

Vieceli and Loughridge get very romantical between Wiccan and Hulkling, and toss in a bit of claws between Wiccan and Prodigy.  It's all very gay in a polite, idyllic teenaged CW drama way (if CW does polite, idyllic teen gay drama, I don't know), lit by Loughridge in hues of purple and blue.  I'm not very keen on Vieceli's style.  It services the story fine, but it just screams early-mid 1990's to me for some reason.

Ward handles a very puzzling origin story for Chavez which I'm trying to decide if I like or call bullshit on.  And now I'm trying to decide on whether I call bullshit as it tries to take a strong Latina hero and turn her into an alien or something, or whether I call bullshit because the origin is not a true origin but some effed up fantasy Miss America has concocted in her head.

And finally Wu and Bellaire deliver us a rather, ooh, stomach churningly awkward encounter between Noh-varr and Kate.  It's exceptionally well done... as is the knight in shining goggles at the end that gives Kate a reason to stop moping.

One more issue to go.  Can't wait, but I also don't want it to end.  Happy boo.

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