Sunday, December 8, 2013

365 Comics #339: Earth 2 #18 (2013)

After being unsure if I was going to return to this series I was in the mood to test something new out since it was an otherwise light week... Little else seemed appealing so I decided to give it a second shot.  This issue moved at a brisk clip, but also felt like nothing really happened.  Superman fought the Flash.  The new, perhaps alien Batman infiltrated a cryo-prison for super villains ( which somehow included Jimmy Olson, who somehow has superpowers tantamount to having the internet always in his brain... bet he's constantly surfing porn).  It endes with new Batman shooting a cryogenically frozen Joker multiple times.  Ooh, edgy.  If I was on the fence with this book before, reading a second issue has made me kind of hate it.   I get the desire to make it something different but it seems like it's trying too hard at it.

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