Thursday, July 25, 2013

365 Comics...205: Young Avengers #8 (2013)

This is an absolute treat to read.  Gillen's scripts are always sharp with at least a couple truly great lines (This ish my fav is: Magic is mainly irrationality.  Never been much good at that).  McKelvie and Norton on art... always something surprising and impressive.  The characters are just awesome, with Miss America Chavez beating out Loki (narrowly) as my favourite but Prodigy fast gaining ground.  I want 60 issues, minimum, out of this run.. it brings me to the same place Giffen /DeMatteis Justice League did 25 + years ago (and that's about as big a praise as I could deliver).

This one has dimension-hopping... and Noh-Varr grows a beard.

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