Sunday, July 14, 2013

365 Comics...194: Smallville Season 11 #15 (2013)

Well of course I'm excited about this week's comics, it's a Smallville week with the concluding chapters of Argo, where, in the 31st Century Kara and Clark fight over future politics, the Legion of Super Heroes assembles to quell a looming war between humans and Kryptonians, Doomsday attacks New k Krypton and Booster Gold is around too.  If anything it all happens at too compressed a clip.  The heart of the story lies in the feelings of Kara and Clark as they weigh their allegiances to two worlds and two peoples (centering on the fact that it is a series still about Clark's journey as a hero), but the story, just for fun could use more Legion and make Booster a little more integral to the plot.

As well, I thought the battle with Doomsday was a little too quick but it only means that Clark learned his lesson last time and that ending the fight needs to happen quickly no matter the cost to himself or else people will die.  His heroic improvisational skills start to show some real growth.

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