Monday, July 8, 2013

365 Comics...188: Lazarus #1 (2013)

The growing disparity between the have-nots and the have-it-alls is depressing and infuriating and naturally going to become more and more a part of our science-fiction dialogue if not come to dominate our pop culture in general...that's if the haves will let us have nots have an honest conversation about our society's shocking state via their media empires . I suppose as long as we're being entertained, the less inclined we are to do anything about it.  After all isn't getting mildly ill-informed of social issues through comic books and crime procedurals on tele the same as, you know, doing something?

Lazarus is a solid SF-tinged book from the great Greg Rucka and Michael Lark that takes place deep into the century where society is run no longer by governments but by a new era of monarchs, the uber-rich who control pretty much everything.

My wife's more the expert on historical monarchies (moreover historical fictional monarchies) so it'll be interesting to feed her the title in a few issues time to see if Rucka's making any paralels to old timey royal family feuds and the way this future-ish society resembles that of old.

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