Sunday, July 14, 2013

365 Comics... 195: Avengers Arena #12 (2012)

Back in 365 Comics #157, I totally called it.  But I couldn't have foreseen how it would all play out, but man it was serious and cool and seriously cool.  This is one of those great "cheer for the good guy" books where they get the upper hand (pun!).

The ending to this ish is a total brainblam (as the kids these days say nowhere) and made me exclaim out loud, which amused the wife some.

Even though I only read the first 12 issues of Avengers Academy (so far) I'm quite excited for next issue's guest writer Christos Cage (who wrote Avengers Academy for over 3 years) who gets to explore the outside world's hurt for the missing super-kids.  Oh yeah, that's some old-timey comic book fun right there.

So an impeccably great time but what's with that cover that has nothing to do with the issue?

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