Wednesday, July 17, 2013

365 Comics...198: X-Factor #259 (2013)

For years, YEARS!, Peter David has been teasing the origin of Shatterstar and/or Longshot and/or their connection to one another .  Well, with the series winding down he finally got to it and it is... well, not epic, per se, but something approximating a masterstroke.  It's David metaphorically dropping the mic and walking off stage because he just utterly crushed it.  I can see it pissing off a few Longshot fans but who are they anyway?  This is twisted, messed-up, mind-warping fun, and the kind of thing that should happen in Mojoworld all.the.time.  It's a twisted place full of twisted people that should hopefully get a spotlight book one of these years... if Morrison wont do it put Brandon Graham on it.  "Mojoworld" a comic that blends Max Headroom with Game of Thrones with, I dunno, the Newsroom let's say.  That's some warped stuff I want to read.

Anyway, I'm rambling, but this is a marvel of a stand-alone issue (don't let the #259 or "part 3 of 6" fool you, this is a standalone deal) and even if you don't know or like these characters I think this one issue is worth it for just how bizarre the ride is.  I'm surprised and terribly happy Marvel allowed this to happen. 

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