Wednesday, July 24, 2013

365 Comics... 204: Hunger #1 (2013)

Spinning out of Age of Ultron (wait, what?  That movie isn't out for another 2 years, how can it have spinoffs already?  ... Oh. It was a miniseries that just ended.  Must have missed it) Hunger is being rumoured as the beginning of the end of the Ultimate Comics line.  Uh, oh well, I guess?

This is a four issue series about Galactus coming to the Ultimate Universe, which, lets face it, is awesome.   But doesn't the Ultimate U have their own Guh Lak Tus (as per Warren Ellis and Rise of the Silver Surfer), you might ask (but probably not, so I did, rhetorically)?  Yes indeed and while their collision wasn't as titanic as I'd hoped its still rates sense in a cosmic nonsensical way.

I have a prediction, that if the Ultimate Universe does get destroyed somehow Miles Morales survives and becomes THE Spider-Man for a while after Doc Oc Spidey gets what's coming to him.

Anyway... UItimate cosmic + giant purple fin head dudes... oh yeah.

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