Monday, July 1, 2013

365 Comics...182: Captain America #315 (1986)

Did you ever wonder what a dead, naked MODOK looked like?  You're welcome.

This issue of Cap is ridiculous amounts of ridiculous fun.  The Serpent Society (a rather massive group of snake-based mercenaries), having killed MODOK two issues back, now steal his body from the ME to recieve their $100k commission from AIM.  While at AIM HQ they come across the washed-up villain Porcupine attempting to sell his suit to help find his retirement.  We spend some time learning the inner workings of the Serpent Society and then some time inside the head of a now distressed, depressed and desperate Porcupine (learning of his silly origin and his pathetic criminal career.

Porcupine finally contacts his old foe Cap and offers to sell him the suit to keep out of the hands of the criminal underworld, but Cap has another plan:  fake like the Porcupine has captured him and offer him up to the Serpent Society (who Cap has been trying to get a lead on for months).

Cap's plan is flimsy and winds up getting Porcupine killed and barely any closer to understanding or stopping the Society.  Oddly Cap has no remorse guilt over the Porcupine's death, despite having really forced him into a scenario he didn't want to be in in the first place.

Even more odd, Steve Rogers' job is as artist of Captain America comics.  What?!

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