Sunday, February 24, 2013

365 Comics...55: Deathmatch #3 (2013)

What's better than the Oscars? Deathmatch #3 that's what. This issue is a little hammy with excess exposition, but compared to Seth McFarlane it's a Tarantino script. Okay, I'm not going to compare a comic book to an awards ceremony any longer. Things get more intriguing this month as certain remaining heroes decipher who their captors are... or, at least they think they did. I came to the realization this issue that so many of these charaters wear masks and it would be so easy to plant a faker in their midst. It's not even hinted at but with Rat convinced he's seen the men behind the curtain I realized how many of these heroes even really know Rat, who seems very explicitly a loner. Beyond that, the "who's who" bio of Meridian in the back pages further lends credence to the idea that everyone's identity could be suspect. I enjoy this book so much, awkward dialogue and all.

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