Wednesday, February 6, 2013

365 Comics...37: Smallville Season 11 #10 (2013)

Part of the reason why the concept of this '365 Comics' idea developed was because I didn't really have a forum to just geek out over my monthly comics.  What I've been doing has, generally, been far more long-form and far more time consuming than I originally considered, but hey it is what it is and I like it.

But I still want to geek, and as much as I like/love the comics I reading now, very few of them give me the geek tingles like Smallville Season 11.  This issue continues to tingle my dingle (wait! what? no, that's fair) and I just can't help but geek on it.

Brian Q. Miller continues the thread of Chloe's alternate-dimension-self who died in her arms, must have been something she said, and what she said was "the Crisis is coming".  Dr. Emil Hamilton performs some truly Walter Bishop type doodle-hickery with alterna-Chloe (Chlopelganger?) - who's been frozen using appropriated Victor Freis' technology - and manages to show our Chloe the last few bits of other Chloe's (Chlother?) life... and what we see is a giant moon-like thing filling the skyline, with the face of the Anti-Monitor raining destruction down upon humanity.

Meanwhile, Clark seeks to help Bart with his Black Flash problem, the evil speed demon that tries to eat him up every time he pushes himself too hard in the speed force.  Problem is, Clark's just not fast enough, not in tune with the speed force to help.  They need another honest to gosh speedster. So Clark takes Bart to see Ma Huckle to let them into the JSA museum to search for clues to Jay Garrick's whereabouts.  Fuckin' A!  If we get some Stargirl action in the process, even better.

Smallville was a goofy-ass show (just read the ongoing episode guide in the back of the book), hard to like, but also, really, the only game in town for live-action superhero stuff for a time.  But suffering through any of the 10 seasons of that show were worth it for this comic series.  So good.

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