Saturday, February 23, 2013

365 Comics...54: Model A #1 (2012)

Silent comics invariably feel like a bit of a let down because they're so quick to read, especially when the art is so smooth and the storytelling so clear.  But at the same fine it can be so easy to overlook the incredible skill and craftswarship required to tell a story only in pictures.

Model A is a book l came across in the free section of Conixology, a 24-page book from SLG following a robot fresh off the assembly line who discovers independence after a knock on the dome.  Its a simple story of self discovery but delightful and masterfully rendered by Jef Bambas.  There are currently only two subsequent issues  but for 3 books at less than $2 it's a steal.

Without the distraction of words, Bambas' art really starts out. It is an exceptionally clean cartooning style with simple designs but expert shading. Bambas infuses a wonderful amount of physical expression (as well as creative panel layouts) to compensate for his one-eyed robof protagonist's lack of facial expression (or face).

There's the spirit of WALL-E and Owly (and other all-ages material that treads in wordless waters) in this which especially younger novice readers should key into.  I'd like a trade collection for the kids but maybe it's just time to expose them to the App.

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