Sunday, February 3, 2013

365 Comics...34: Sixth Gun #20 (2012)

Well, that was dumb.
No, not the book.The book was Flat-out awesome.  what was dumb was me, or  rather my decision to stop buying this title mid-last year.  It wasn't for lack of enjoyment, that's for sure, because Sixth Gun has never failed to entertain me.  Instead it was a response to my reading habit with the book wherein I sale up about six to eight issues and then gorge myself on them.  It's a great monthly title but I just find one issue generally doesn't satisfy me... I need more.  Somehow the fact That I had f issues sitting beside the bed unread sent a message to my scattered brain to say not "maybe you should catch up" but instead "maybe you should stop buying this title". Sometimes I think my brain has shit for brains.  Now I'm halfway through catching up and I've tried to fill in the gaps at my LCS since issue 28 came at this week an 7 only managed to find #24 and 27.  Looks like catching up is going to take a forced hiatus as I try to locale 25 & 26 (or else I just go digital. Sigh.)
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Issue 20's gunfight in a town called Penance was totally badass.  Bunn & Hurtt knock this metaphysical Western stuff out of the stratosphere every damned time.  I'm so impressed. Just not with myself right now.

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