Friday, February 22, 2013

365 Comics... 53: Arrow #1 Special Edition (2012)

So what's the best costumed vigilante series on TV right now?  Fricken' Person of Interest, for sure.  But they don't make (or haven't yet) POI comics so I guess I'll just have to talk about Arrow.

Actually, I've been pleasantly surprised by Arrow, despite its overtly CW tendencies towards family melodrama, oversimplifed romance, and plenty of beefcake (or so I'm told, I don't actually watch all that much CW... not that there's anything wrong with that...).

I think after Smallville having a weekly comics-derived superhero live-action series that aurally has some semblance of a plan, takes itself relatively seriously and understands character and story development is refreshing, em if it's not the greatest television ever.  It is generally entertaining, has added its own unique fruit on a B-level superhero without overtly betraying the core of the character, and...
... and...
Aw fuck, who am I kidding?  The Show is a guilty pleasure through and through.  If it weren't loosely tried to characters I grew up with as a kid I wouldn't give it a second look.  And yet each week I pull it eagerly from on-demand and, cocktail in hand, enjoy myself immensely.  I'm particularly fond of Paul Blackthorne as Laurel Lance's police detective Daddy... he cracks me up, Chris Walken style ... he's got such great presence.  And I do hope they create an original costume and moniker for Diggle, that'd be great far them to contribute something back to the comics.

The comic listed in the post title above,if I had to guess, was probably made as a promotional book for the Convention circuit and as a digital freebie which it remains.  It took 4 writers (Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg, Geoff Johns & Grey Berlarti) and it's a solid 10 page introduction to Oliver Queen of the past and the daring Hood he would become.  The action sequences or the show are actually very good but you can obviously do things in comics that you just can't realize on  a CW budget.  It's a template for the digital-first series that followed, unnecessary but still not bad if you're a fun of the show.

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