Monday, February 11, 2013

365 Comics...42: Superboy #11 (2011)

Oh, that's exactly what I was afraid was going to happen (as mentioned in 365 #1).  I so decidedly did not want this eleventh issue to be the end.  Jeff Lemire had set up so many wonderful ongoing story threads, established such incredible relationships between the characters, and created a truly unique superhero book as a result.  Small-town farming territory is not conventionally the height of action, but they've been pulling stories out of Smallville for decades, and somehow Lemire had managed to establish a less absurd, more exciting, and more believable community and write a series of events that embraces the super-science and mystic elements of DC Comics, past and present.  What Lemire (and series artist Pier Gallo) did with the series is more in line with the fantastic output currently coming from image, than what we see out of the New 52.  It's the type of distinctive storytelling and creative vision that is generally lacking from DC these days, with few exceptions.

I'm already missing Simon Valentine, and his potentially deadly future as Prime Hunter storyline that Lemire was teasing throughout this series run.  Sigh.


King Beauregard said...

"Hmmm, I've got time to kill, might as well check some blogs I haven't seen in a few months, wonder if anything new has been posted at Second Printing since I last HOLY CRAP!"

You've been busy this year, and I like it!

I too loved the heck out of Lemire's "Superboy" run, and for the the disappointments of Nu52, Superboy is the biggest for me. Superboy had finally, finally been positioned well and given a fun supporting cast, and then it all gets retconned away.

I also see you're a fan of the current version of "Wonder Woman"; I too surprise myself by enjoying, and indeed looking forward to, new issues.

Between "Superboy" and "Wonder Woman", we've got the two poles of Nu52: on the one hand retconning away a character who had finally come into his own and was at a very good place, and on the other hand retconning away decades of bad writing to make way for a good, workable voice for an old character.

KENT! said...

Hee, good to see you again. Well said and I couldn't agree more on you points on both S' boy and DubDubs. Right in the middle of those two poles sits Batman, who mercifully remins pretty much the same

KENT! said...
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