Thursday, April 30, 2009

Morrison Madness: The Finals

It's taken nearly three weeks but we're here: the MORRISON MADNESS FINALS!!!

From a field of thirty-two potential winners, you've narrowed the field down to two worthy contenders:

ANIMAL MAN (1998) Morrison's groundbreaking pre-Vertigo series. Animal Man started as an ambitious new take on superheroics and quickly developed into a work focusing on the role of a man as father and as a superhero. Animal Man also became known for breaking "the fourth wall" and for its decidedly strong stance on animal rights. This was many Americans first look into the mind of Grant Morrison and Animal Man was one of a small number of seminal works that laid the groundwork for what would eventually become the Vertigo imprint.

ALL-STAR SUPERMAN (2005) Viewed by many as the single most important Superman since Alan Moore's "Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow." This was Morrison's attempt to strip Superman down to its timeless and most essential elements without being hampered by DC Comics continuity. Morrison's run focused on what makes Superman, Superman, providing new ways to look at such tried-and-true characters as Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and even Doomsday. It was done with his longtime creative collaborator, artist Frank Quitely.

And there are your choices...


Come back tomorrow for the results and some thoughts.



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Nate said...

All Star Superman is good Superman. But Animal Man defines Grant Morrison. Take an obscure character with powers dumber than Aquaman and take him on a journey into higher consciousness....a journey so high he looks back down and realizes the 4 colored paper he's printed on.