Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is It Me Or...

Has Rodney Ramos' name above or beside the "INKER" credit become shorthand for "this DC Comics was running late?"

Does anyone feel like a Green Lantern movie could be bigger than Iron Man?

Am I the only one who think Green Lantern Corps is better than Green Latern?

Wondering why you would cancel Black Panther, Exiles and She-Hulk simply to re-launch within weeks of their cancellations?

Am I the only one who looks at Winick/Benes' Batman start as a perfect "jumping-off" point?


Anonymous said...

GLC is a hell of a read; I'm not sure whether I like GL or GLC better these days, but GLC has inherent strengths that GL does not.

"Green Lantern" has traditionally floundered as a superhero comic, but has always been at its best as a police story. That's really the reason GL/GLC has taken off; not because of Johns or Gibbons or Tomasi directly, but because of the use of police story tropes over superheroics. What we've had of late are the cops trying to hold the line against gangs of criminals, and it's been a gripping tale.

Anyway, the GL core title does its best when it is operating within a framework of the Corps -- the weakest issues of the new GL run have been the ones where it's been Hal alone against a supervillain, the strongest have featured Hal in Corps-related activities. Hal's solo comic always runs the risk of devolving back into the superhero title that got bogged down in the usual superheroic tropes; the GLC title runs little risk of going down that road, by definition.

And Hal and John make for great partners sharing a squad car, so to speak. More of that please.

snell said...

Does anyone feel like a Green Lantern movie could be bigger than Iron Man?Only if Black Sabbath records a song called "Green Lantern."

Bill said...

When you say "jumping-off" point, I think of Detective Comics going to Batwoman, and I am confused as to why DC would want to get Paul Dini to write "anything but Batman" in the Batman universe. I was enjoying Detective immensely with Dini at the helm, now it will be cut from my pull list.