Friday, April 10, 2009

Morrison Madness & Round One, Region One Results!

And now some results!

In the ALT/PUNK DIVISION DIVISION, Vimanarama decidedly beats Sebastian O with 65% of the vote.

And in the META DIVISION, what I think, is a fairly resounding win, Animal Man sweeps Grant Morrison's oft-delayed 2008 mini-series, Final Crisis with 83% of the vote.

Both advance to the Round Two of the playoffs.

Results for Round One, Region One of The Superhero Divisions tomorrow.

Now for Round One, Region Two of THE ALT/PUNK DIVISION, GO!

Round One, Region Two of THE META DIVISION, GO!


Bill said...

Sebastian O goes down! There goes my office pool...

Devon Sanders said...

I have to say that I was surprised by that one.

ADL said...

Genuinely tough call for me on DC One Million and Seven Soldiers. The latter was much more ambitious and complex, but the former was incredibly entertaining and (unlike Final Crisis) brilliantly coordinated.

Siskoid said...

Here's to the losers...

Sebastian O had no chance. It's from the ill-remembered days of early Vertigo, and in no way as memorable or original as Vimanarama.

Final Crisis was heralded a disaster for good reason. If only Superman Beyond had been a separated contender, it might have had a chance... but not against the seminal Animal Man.