Friday, May 1, 2009

Morrison Madness Results

And, it's done.

After nearly three weeks.

It's done and there is a winner.

And the winner is, with 59% of the vote...


I could lie and say that I was shocked but well, it would be a lie.

From the beginning, I thought it would come down to either this or JLA but what happened was that YOU decided and THAT is what matters the most.

Was it the right decision? Who truly knows? Was it the work that said the most? Was it the work that made you a Morrison fan?

Maybe not.

It was a decision. It was decided. What I'm taking away from this whole thing isn't necessarily its result but just the awesome fact that over the course of three weeks, everyone cared enough to vote, vote again and vote some more.

Simply because you love Morrison's work and more importantly, YOU LOVE COMICS!

And you know what makes this thing even better? With a writer as fluid as Morrison, we could do this all over again in the future and get a new and different result.

Why? After seeing the passion in which you all defended your choices, every work of this man's is someone's "WATCHMEN."


Bill said...

I think we are all winners here...

Siskoid said...

Good job. And though not my choice, All-Star Superman is definitely worthy. It would be in my Top 3.

All you've done here is made me want to do posts about Morrison's maybe less well known works.

Morrison Mondays in May... has a ring to it!

Devon Sanders said...

@ Siskoid

That's something I'd love to read.

Scotus said...

I can't argue with the result. All-Star Superman is so good, I can forgive all of Morrison's other DC work over the past couple of years.

I am disappointed that Seaguy got blown out in the first round. It's one of those books that I really love, but can't entirely explain why.