Wednesday, November 13, 2013

365 Comics...316: Smallville Season 11 #19 (2013)

The bad news?  This is the final issue.  The good news is Smallville is becoming a series of mini-series, so its not done, not done at all.  Which is excellent because this is just amazing storytelling, and tremendous fun.  Plus, like Scott Snyder with Superman Unchained,  writer Brian Q Millar is using his vehicle as an antidote to the Man Of Steel.


Now, let me be honest and say that Superman killing Zod was one of the lesser offences of the Man of Steel... many are really stuck on the Superman Does.Not.Kill. But Clark killing Zod does have precedence.  At the same time the kind of chipper, upbeat ending yo the movie didn't imply any immediate effects on the Man of Steel.  Almost like it didn't happen.  I just think that if you're going to introduce this caliber of hero doing so by having no concern over the civilian population and snapping a bad guy's neck aren't the best ways to go about it.

Check out this issue of Smallville where Clark and Diana face Hades, and when Diana confirms the only way to assuredly defeat him is to kill Felix Faust ("To walk the Earth, Hades must have a blood bond forged to a mortal") Clark says "No deal" and..."There's always another way."

That other way: hauling Hades into the upper atmosphere and threatening to hurdle him into the endless void for the rest of Faust's life.  Total badass move, and Hades concedes.  Later Diana asks, "What power did you use to subdue him?" To which he replies, "Words."

Suck it, Man of Steel.  This sequnce trumps your neck-snapping fiasco tenfold.

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