Wednesday, November 13, 2013

365 Comics...315: Action Comics #594 (1987)

I'm fairly certain I had this comic as a lad but I don't really recall the events of the issue with any familiarity.   The opening sequence where Superman and Robin meet for the first time rings a little bell, but the particulars of the overall affair doesn't resonate at all.   Robin asks Superman for his autograph,  and after hemming and hawing for a panel he agrees, but "The word 'Superman' written on a piece of paper wouldn't have much significance.  Let's see if we can't find something more suitable. Like this piece of tin edging material.  It probably blew off one of the older buildings around this rooftop.  With my laser-like heat vision I can trim it to a useable size...then my super-hard fingernail can do the rest."  How could I ever forget scintillating stuff like that?

The rest of the issue has Booster Gold acting like a dick then somehow beating the shit out of Superman, only to end in a cliffhanger with Supes at Booster's feet and another Booster showing up on scene... to be continued in Booster Gold #23, which I know I never had.   None of the original Booster Gold series is on Comixology either, so I guess I will have to go bin digging if I ever want to find out how this ends.  But do I?

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