Thursday, November 7, 2013

365 Comics...311: Green Arrow #25 (2013)

You can read my full review tomorrow at Thor's Comic Column, but I must gush today!  This was perhaps the most joyous issue of Green Arrow in Lemire's run yet.  While I've been loving the Outsiders tease that Lemire's been seeding in the run so far, and am quite looking forward to it starting next issue, and also while I was kind of bemoaning and dreading all of the "Zero Year" offshoots, I have to admit I'm so happy Lemire took the time out and ran with a Zero Year story here.

Why so happy?

Because with this issue Lemire introduces some of the supporting cast from Arrow into the DCU proper, Moira and Walter, yes, but moreover Diggle becomes a DCU character.  I love Diggle, I love Arrow and I'm so happy that Lemire seems to be just as big a fan.  So many great nods to the show here and some delicious tweaks to that show's melodrama.  But Diggle, yes!  Including an absolutely goosebumps-inducing back-up feature focusing on Dig and teasing the partnership between Ollie and Dig in the intervening 5 year from Zero Year to today.

Who's the world's most excitable archer?
Oliver SQUEEn.

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