Sunday, November 3, 2013

365 Comics...306: Theremin #3 (2013)

I reviewed the first issue of Theremin for Thor's Comic Column a few month's back and I quite liked it for it's weird and different take of super-science and espionage.  Still not entirely comfortable with the digital format, I hadn't kept up with new releases, so I was surprised to find I only missed the second and third issue.  The second issue was a bit of a muddle and I'm not truly certain what happened within it (Hawaiian monkey cult?), but the third issue was a mind-twisting non-linear narrative of assassination and double-crosses.  It's best read in full pages, rather than via Comixology's guided-view (where the story is revealed panel-by-panel) as it shows the rhythm of the jumbled narrative, which is a very important aspect to understanding and enjoying the story.  This would actually be even better in physical form, being able to flip back and forth between pages manually would make putting the pieces together (seems to be three different timeframes in play at once).  It's a fun exercise in storytelling but also a fun read just generally

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