Wednesday, April 17, 2013

365 Comics...107: X-Factor #254 (2013)

11 titles in my pull this week: 4 Image, 3 DC, 2 Oni, 1 Marvel,1 Dark Horse.  X-Factor topped the reading pile if only because the wife reads it to and I wanted to have read it before I passed it off to her.  That and I like it.

I was reading the comics feed on my  Flipboard this week and wound up reading an article (don't recall where or by whom) about how the answer for the big 2 to increase revenues is not more titles but more of the same titles... more issues per year on the books people are enjoying and willing to buy more of.  For the past two years, up until Peter David's stroke he was churning out 16+ issues of X-Factor a year (actually 19 in 2012, 17 in 2011)and I loved it.  I loved that it cropped upon the stands so often.  I works for the soap opera that X Factor is, makes it seem more like a (network) T.V. season.  I don't think it's the answer for all books, in fact any book that is creator driven should be done so at the pace of the creators (so generally it would only work on character-driven books, books that will sell regardless of creators involved).

I don't really have answers... I really just went more X-Factor more often again.

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