Friday, April 12, 2013

365 Comics... 102: FF#1 (2013)

Aw crap.  I thought I was free and clear of The Fantastic Four and its Future Foundation offshoot after Jonathan Hickman's epic and most excellent run ended.  I thought I was reading those books solely because Hickman is so awesome and not because l had any real affinity for any of the characters (except Ben Grimm, I've been a lifelong fan... well almost).

Truth told, I was hoping to plead ignorance about the Marvel Now relaunch of the two series,to willfully ignore that there may be any lingering interest or affection for any of these characters, especially since I've never been a Fantastic Four fan, ever.  Though I know Matt Fraction to be a good writer (a great one, often) and even perennial favourite artist Mike Allred (with Laura Allred on colours) on one book.. still I was planning to avoid them, even with She-Hulk, one of my all-time favourite Marvel characters and long-time crush, on the team.

Well, damn you Marvel and Comixology for your Marvel #1 promotion.  I made short work of sifting through your offerings and came out with 32 of your 700+ first issues that you offered.  FF#1 indeed was among them. How could I continue to ignore it?

And damnit if Fraction and Allred (and Allred) didn't throw it in my face how much I really grew to love those FF kids.  From Bentley and Dragon Man to Leech and Artie to Val and Franklin, I adore those kids and I want to watch them grow and develop.  More more more please.  The Allreds draw and colour Shulkie with the most dreamy green eyes, and this grieving Ant-Man fellow, having recently lost a daughter is a most intriguing guardian for these kids.  All right, Marvel, ya got me. I'm in, but I'm waiting for trade on FF. No hardcovers for me this time... I can wait.

You ain't getting me back on board Fantastic Four again. No way, no how.  Wait, what's this?  A free #1? 

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