Monday, April 15, 2013

365 Comics...105: Superman #50 (1990)

Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite part four (KKK? Really?)

When last we left Superman and friends:

-Clarks book is now on the remainders table, steeply discounted

-Mr. Mxyzptlk had given Lex Luthor a magical chunk of Red Kryptonite, a product of his own creation that robbed Superman of his powers

-Lex meanwhile is dying of radiation poisoning

-A powerless Superman squared off against Mammoth and managed to bluff the dumb lug into surrendering

-Perry White's son was killed, but it turns out that he was really Lex Luthor's son, so both men grieve the loss of their only heir

-Superman gets cruddy 80's Starman (who can change his face) to pretend to be Superman and he retrieves the Red K from Lex for Prof. Hamilton to study.

-Superman/Clark spends a lot of time sulking about the loss of his powers.

-Lois' Mom has cancer

-Basically overnight Prof. Hamilton builds Superman a color-scheme correct suit of power armor for our powerless hero to fight for truth, justice etc. in.  Of course Superman ruins utterly the suit within minutes of battling the bad guy staging a prison break.

-Superman sulks more when the bad guy gets away.

-Jimmy's mom is in a coma for some reason

-Gangbuster and The Guardian help out while Superman is de-powered...

As for this Landmark 50th issue!...

-Clark gets thrown out of Lexcorp on his face
-Clark takes a walk and ponders the events of the last few issues in abbreviated length
-Clark takes the subway
-Clark is saved from a rat
-Clark takes a taxi after the Rat incident
-Clark writes a "feature" about the rat
-Clark ponders his B.O.
-Clark takes a shower
-Clark talks to his Mom on the phone
-Clark buys a newspaper
-Clark reads a newspaper while walking posing a danger to himself and others
-Clark makes a point of avoiding an otherwise preoccupied Cat Grant
-Clark somehow keeps a straight face when he sees Jimmy in a bolo tie
-Clark asks Lois to marry him after ordering a Tuna Melt and Soda, and both requests are made with equal enthusiasm
-Clark faces Luthor and gets him tell him where the Red K came from before getting ejected from the building for the second time that day
-In telling Clark about Mxyzptlk, it nullifies the power drain
-Some talking and fighting occur
-Lex is sad about his son, still dying and angry about it all
-Perry is sad about his (still dead) son and angry at his wife
-Lois' mom is gonna be okay
-Jimmy's mon pulls a Duke u comes out of her coma
-Lois agrees to marry Clark

In my favourite moment in the book it is revealed Mr. Mxyzptlk moonlights as Impossible Man in the 616

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