Friday, March 29, 2013

365 Comics...88: Batman #455 (1990)

A few thoughts about Batman #455:
- I kind of forgot that Tim Drake was around already in 1990, but then again I forgot I'm old now.
- Tim was a very angry boy back then, quite unrecognizable compared to how he turned out under Chuck Dixon's guidance
-This was the start of the story arc that introduced Tim in costume (#457)
- Both Batman and Nightwing's inner monologues... florid and kind of poetic (but I wonder if readers who grew up with the comics of the late '90's or '00's look at this over-dramatic writing as challenging to read and enjoy as much as I do Silver Age writing... I grew up with it so while I recognize that its a little ham-fisted, I have no problem with it)
- Tim Drake's outward monologue is like an excerpt from a latin soap opera and Norm Breyfogle's art totally sells it
- Breyfogle is still one of my all-time favourite Batman illustrators
- This was 1990 so they were still trying to make Vicky Vale a viable character because of the movie
- Haha, Vale has to develop her pictures (topless apparently)
-an ad for The Flash TV show (Justice has never been faster... or more furious)... man I remember being so excited for that show (and loving it. I still quite like it)
- an ad for the four-part Superman title X-over Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite.  I remember reading this arc and I think more than anything I had read before, this was what Superman should be.  I may have to dig those out.

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