Wednesday, March 6, 2013

365 Comics...65: Smallville Season 11 #11

I know I keep bringing it up every month, but that's because every month this book delivers like Dominos.  It's top of the pile now every time it comes out and I read it with a big, dumb, goofy handsome smile on my face.  I genuinely love this book.  I kinda liked the TV show, but I love this.

My brother-in-law is not a comics reader (he's been known to dabble) but he loved Smallville from the get-go, watched every episode unironically, and had a relationship with it no geeks I knew did.  Not quite as enthusiastic as <a href="">this guy</a>, but not too far off.  He was kind of happy when the show was over, he felt somewhat liberated from his fandom.  Two weeks ago I gave him my copies of 1-10 and he cursed me for bringing him back into the fold.  He admitted they were really good and he was surprised by how much he enjoyed them.

I had originally collected the comics for him in the first place as a Christmas gift and continue to be surprised by how much I enjoy it (although I'm now just starting to expect it).

This month: Jay Garrick, more Speed Force talk and name dropping, Otis gets fired, Barbara Gordon returns, more memories from Earth 2, and a Speed force-absorbing super suit courtesy of Dr. Hamilton and STAR Labs. How can you not love this?

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